Saturday, September 6, 2014

Talk and creativity

Carmaker, Carlos Ghosn, said in the McKinsey Quarterly (2012), "Business schools may prepare people to deal with internal crises. But I think we need to be more prepared for external crises, where it’s not the strategy of the company that is in question; it’s the ability of leaders to figure out how to adapt that strategy."

Carlos goes on to say that at Nissan they respond quickly to crises because they don't wait for solutions to problems to come from headquarters, they instead take advantage of their diverse, multinational culture and encourage their people to talk. I believe that in many businesses talk has been replaced by electronic communications. While that may be an efficient way to share information, it's not a good way to encourage people to find solutions. I've found that the most creative ideas come from vigorous discussion where multiple viewpoints are considered – why not establish regular opportunities for this type of interaction to occur (in multiple formats) and take advantage of Nissan's experience. As Ghosn says, "We are accustomed to always looking around, trying to find out who has the best ideas."

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