Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Innovation needs more than the Internet

It's common today to talk about globalisation and how the Internet helps to overcome geographical constraints. However, it's easy to overlook the impact face-to-face human interaction has on creativity and innovation. My research on creativity in business with teams has shown me the stark contrast in creative outcomes when teams collaborate successfully.

Professor Adam Jaffe, Director of the Wellington-based Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, believes the answer is "to build an innovation system that encourages people to work collaboratively." He believes that the information available online is less important and less valuable because it tends to concern things that are easy to codify and to standardise. That which is tricky, complex and subtle, and which requires tacit knowledge that is hard to communicate, is best handled by individual human interactions. (Jaffe, 2014)

Start your own innovation system – head down to your nearest cafe with a few colleagues and start collaborating!

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